Bret E. Cain

Principal & COO

Great tech + even better people = business success.

Bret knows this formula is true because he has spent a lifetime proving it. Before becoming Percipio’s COO, Bret built several successful businesses, including a litigation discovery company that grew to over 100 employees with $9 million in annual revenue and a client roster of large, prominent law firms.

Today, Bret is the principal with lead responsibility for managing personnel and operations and serves on the Investment Committee for Percipio. He has 20 years of experience in strategic business development and personnel management.

“Building a successful business isn’t a solo trek; it’s a team journey and the height you can reach is dependent on how well you involve people in the process of your success.”

Community Involvement

While Bret has supported many nonprofit organizations throughout his business career, The Hope Center holds a special place in his heart for the change it has brought to so many lives in North Omaha over the past 20 years.

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