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You and Us

We are entrepreneurs that strive to be best-in-class partners. Our focus is identifying opportunities and relationships across asset classes, ranging from agricultural land to venture capital, where our involvement helps to make the sum of the venture greater than its parts. Our team invests in and supports the prudent management of long-term assets.

Scope & Strengths

Legacy Capital

Percipio Partners invests in established businesses seeking strategic capital to expand on their success. We bring experience in manufacturing, industrial processes, business services, and hospitality.

Consulting Services

Percipio Partners provides consulting services in the areas of Human Resources, Staffing, Finance and IT.

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Partner Support

Our service platform is purpose-built to assist our operating partners. Whether we are providing capital, staffing, expertise, or scale, our team is dedicated to helping build lasting businesses.

Real Estate

Our real estate platform owns and manages agricultural, multifamily, and commercial properties. We are seeking the opportunity to acquire, build, and partner on projects in the Midwest and Southeast.

Our Team

James H. Rich

Founder & Principal

Shepherd. Mentor. Catalyst. Those three words mean a great deal to Jim. As CEO and investment committee chairman for Percipio, the investment holding company he founded, Jim’s focus is twofold — to shepherd the capital entrusted to him by his investors and to mentor his loyal team of professionals as they seek to spur business growth.

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William S. Ellis

Founder & Principal

Consult. Conserve. Create. Those three words mean a great deal to Bill. As a co-founder and investment committee vice chairman for Percipio, Bill is passionate about problem-solving, particularly around process controls.

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Bret E. Cain

President and Principal

Great tech + even better people = business success. Bret knows this formula is true because he has spent a lifetime proving it. Before becoming Percipio’s President and Principal, Bret built several successful businesses, including a litigation discovery company that grew to over 100 employees with $9 million in annual revenue and a client roster of large, prominent law firms.

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Doug Anderson

VP of Operations for Percipio/COO for Harvest Development

Relationships. Respect. Results. After a 15-year career in banking, Doug learned that success in business, regardless of industry, was based on relationships: relationships with clients and vendors built on trust, and relationships with colleagues based on respect.

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Jay Bortolini, CPA

Vice President of Finance

Planning. Innovation. Teamwork. As Vice President of Finance for Percipio, Jay knows that planning and innovation within a great team leads to a successful business.

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Kristin Olson

Consulting Manager, Human Resources Practice

Care. Communicate. Connect. These three “C’s” sum up Kristin Olson’s workplace values.

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Jim Roy

Vice President of Human Resources Strategy

Passionate. Caring. Motivated. Jim takes those three words seriously when working with his clients and his peers. He is passionate about making his clients better, using his background and experience.

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Jeremy Morris

Director of Business Strategy

Relentless. Strategic. Negotiator. These three words explain how Jeremy simply and efficiently gets the job done for his clients. Jeremy is a client-focused business strategy leader with a passion to improve businesses from all walks of life. Jeremy has built his knowledge in many industries including insurance, construction, manufacturing, and staffing. No project is too big or too small for Jeremy to give 100% and he looks forward to every challenge thrown his way.

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Karen Durbin

Director of Recruiting

Passionate. Dedicated. Motivated. Those three words describe Karen’s daily commitment both professionally and personally. Karen finds inspiration in the simple things around her and more importantly, she makes it a personal goal to inspire others.

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Nick Burianek, CPA

Vice President of Financial Consulting

Plan. Execute. Evaluate. As Vice President, Financial Consulting at Percipio Partners, Nick works alongside business owners and their employees to maximize financial department efficiency and improve the overall performance of the company.

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Seth Barkley

Consulting Associate, Finance Practice

Analyze. Adapt. Achieve. As a Consulting Associate at Percipio Partners, Seth specializes in working with businesses to leverage their financial assets in order to maximize business growth.

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Ben Green

Consulting Associate, Finance Practice

Observe. Action. Educate. As a Consulting Associate at Percipio Partners, Ben observes and recommends business activities that allow his clients to implement updated strategies that both improve efficiency and use financial assets to fuel business growth.

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Susan Parkinson

Consulting Associate, Finance Practice

Learn. Organize. Build. As a Consulting Associate in Percipio’s Finance Practice, Susan assists business owners and their staff with a wide variety of unique needs.

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Angel Grove

Director, Property Management

Quality. Service. Knowledge. As the Director of Property Management for the real estate division, HD-Omaha, Angel knows that a high level of customer service is the key to success.

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Jim Goulding

Director, Real Estate Financials

Adapt. Collaborate. Grow. As the Director of Finance for HD-Omaha, Jim understands that growth and success come from being able to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and effectively collaborate with different personalities.

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Darion Shropshire

Director, Construction & Property Maintenance

Accuracy. Efficiency. Reliability. Maintenance is not just the turn of a screwdriver, and Darion understands that. He consistently demands high quality workmanship from his team in a timely manner.

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Sharon Bargas

Marketing Director

Strategic. Achiever. Learner. Sharon is the Marketing Director for Percipio Partners, LLC. She has more than two decades of experience in all facets of marketing. Her professional calling is to help form meaningful connections with audiences by identifying and breathing life into their unique value proposition in compelling ways to grow business. Sharon is responsible for the day-to-day management of deliverables and directly managing marketing plans and projects.

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Our Values


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We pride ourselves on honesty, trust, and doing the right thing for our customers, our team and our company.


We devote ourselves wholly and earnestly to our customers. We’ll go above and beyond to get the job done.


In our industry, one must readily adjust for different conditions. We’re always looking for the best possible path and can quickly pivot based on new conditions.


We always provide service to our clients and co-workers in a professional and respectful manner. No exceptions.


Positivity is a staple in our company culture. This goes for our entire team, and we know this attitude produces excellence.


We always operate with a “can-do” attitude. We’ll always accept personal accountability towards our goals and will overdeliver in the pursuit of success.

Investor Newsletters

July 2022

Leading Through Ambiguity in the Market This investor update paints a mixed picture of both good and challenging news. Through all of it, I can assure you that my team and I continue to focus on growing and optimizing our real estate portfolios and lending our support to our portfolio investment partners. We also continue to maintain a vigilant lookout for new investment opportunities that these volatile market conditions will create.


February 2022

We entered 2022 marking the end of a second frustrating year of the global COVID pandemic. Infection rates and casualties were again on the rise as the latest variant, Omicron, took hold rapidly across the country. Then, just as quickly as it spread, Omicron now appears to be receding. Positive evidence also suggests, while this variant is more contagious, the infections seem to provide protection against previous variants. Looking forward, I am hopeful we are finally moving into the endemic phase of this odyssey; something akin to an annual influenza outbreak.


July 2021

As we entered 2021, we were firmly in the grip of a global pandemic. The rate of infections and deaths across the country were on the rise and did not peak until mid-to-late January. With this bad news as a backdrop there was cause for great optimism from vaccines that were becoming widely available. There was truly a light at the end of the tunnel and not simply another train speeding toward us.


January 2021

The highlights of this newsletter detail a continuing focus on growing and optimizing our real estate portfolios, expanding our private equity investment footprint, and lending business operations support to our partners.


July 2020

In late January as I was writing my last newsletter only the first hints of the black swan event we are still navigating were beginning to emerge. Shortly thereafter the full reality of a global pandemic was thrust upon all of us.


January 2020

Percipio Partners finished 2019 on a strong note and enters 2020 with several initiatives underway that will keep us busy executing well into the new year.


July 2019

It’s been an active summer for Percipio Partners. We are working on a number of exciting new entrepreneurial ventures and are continuing to assist our operating partners by providing insight, management and operational guidance for long-term success.


January 2019

Welcome to the new year and our first newsletter of 2019. As you will see from the following highlights, the last half of 2018 demonstrated how we create value for our clients through smart real estate management, future-focused initiative development and growth opportunity capture. With 2018 behind us, we look forward to taking advantage of all the potential that awaits.


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