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Expand your investment portfolio with our approach that emphasizes value and proactive involvement in operations. We excel at identifying and enhancing undervalued properties, turning investments into profitable opportunities.

Diversify your assets through our value-oriented investment style and hands-on approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in multi-family real estate?

Multi-family real estate has proven to be a strong hedge against inflation and cash flows are consistent due to the ongoing shortage of housing stock in the country.

Why invest in our business plan?

Our business plan has been crafted with risk management at the forefront. Specifically, we identify already built assets that are under-capitalized and/or undermanaged in markets that we understand.

This eliminates market and construction risk. We then invest capital to improve the integrity of the property and increase value via rent growth.

Strategically, a post-renovated property sits in the Class B space and avoids return requirements dependent on the highly competitive Class A market.

What is a Fund? What are its advantages relative to other real estate investment types?

A Fund is an investment vehicle where individuals pool their money and those dollars are then collectively used to acquire properties on a larger scale than a single investor is generally able to.

The individual investors are known as limited members of the Fund and have no liability or responsibility over its day-to-day operations.

The Fund is managed by Percipio Partners (managing member) who co-invests with the limited members and assumes all liability.

Our Team

James H. Rich

Founder & Principal

Shepherd. Mentor. Catalyst. Those three words mean a great deal to Jim. As CEO and investment committee chairman for Percipio, the investment holding company he founded, Jim’s focus is twofold — to shepherd the capital entrusted to him by his investors and to mentor his loyal team of professionals as they seek to spur business growth.

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Bret E. Cain

President and Principal

Great tech + even better people = business success. Bret knows this formula is true because he has spent a lifetime proving it. Before becoming Percipio’s President and Principal, Bret built several successful businesses, including a litigation discovery company that grew to over 100 employees with $9 million in annual revenue and a client roster of large, prominent law firms.

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Reap the benefits of dividend stability, inflation hedging, and tax advantages through our multi-family portfolios. We've carved a niche in our investment strategy that leverages market advantages to their fullest.

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