About Percipio Partners

We are committed to solving complex financial challenges and transforming the market position of our clients and investors. We work closely with business leaders, providing strategic financial expertise and solutions.

We are entrepreneurs who strive to be best-in-class partners.

We are a multi-dimensional private equity firm specializing in multi-family real estate and venture capital operating investments.

Our focus is identifying opportunities and relationships across asset classes, ranging from agricultural land to venture capital, where our involvement helps to make the sum of the venture greater than its parts.

Our team invests in and supports the prudent management of long-term assets.

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Our History


Founded in 2008 by Jim Rich and Bill Ellis; and headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Percipio Partners (“Percipio” or the “Company”) is a private equity investment company with operations in real estate acquisitions, and development, direct private equity investment, and partner support.


Over the past sixteen years, the Company’s value-oriented investment style and hands-on approach to operations have allowed it to capitalize on market disruptions and monetize intrinsic value from its investments.

Our Team

James H. Rich

Founder & Principal

Shepherd. Mentor. Catalyst. Those three words mean a great deal to Jim. As CEO and investment committee chairman for Percipio, the investment holding company he founded, Jim’s focus is twofold — to shepherd the capital entrusted to him by his investors and to mentor his loyal team of professionals as they seek to spur business growth.

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Bret E. Cain

President and Principal

Great tech + even better people = business success. Bret knows this formula is true because he has spent a lifetime proving it. Before becoming Percipio’s President and Principal, Bret built several successful businesses, including a litigation discovery company that grew to over 100 employees with $9 million in annual revenue and a client roster of large, prominent law firms.

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William S. Ellis

Founder & Principal

Consult. Conserve. Create. Those three words mean a great deal to Bill. As a co-founder and investment committee vice chairman for Percipio, Bill is passionate about problem-solving, particularly around process controls.

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The Intersection of Profit and Community Development in Multi-Family Investing

In the domain of multi-family, an evolving dynamic is at play in investment firms’ strategic approach.

Progressive investment firms are redefining success by showing that the value of an investment can be measured not just in financial returns, but also in social impact and community development. This dual-focus approach carves out a niche in the B and C markets of multi-family properties.

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