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Cementing Positive Changes to Improve Employee Retention One Example of How to Repair the Cost of High Turnover

Cementing Positive Changes to Improve Employee Retention

July 6, 2022

One Example of How to Repair the Cost of High Turnover You can’t turnaround without hearing or reading about the impact labor shortages are significantly straining the bottom line. This on-going nightmare is impacting manufacturers including those in the concrete and cement industry. Drivers are considered the life blood for many companies and are difficult to […]

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These 6 Core Values Create Long-Term Success

April 13, 2021

Having built, acquired, and merged several companies, I can attest to the power of solid core values and the value they truly add to the bottom line—and to the engagement, culture, and general attitude of a workforce. Core values have real, tangible value to a business, which is why we chose those at Percipio so […]

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Beyond due diligence: How to spot (and capture) a great investment opportunity

February 4, 2021

Last June, as I sat alone in lockdown to write my quarterly newsletter, I referred to the pandemic as a Black Swan event. Technically, this is inaccurate—I, like many others, was confusing cause and effect. While the effect of shutdowns was dramatic, true Black Swans come out of nowhere and are obvious only in hindsight. […]

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5 Budget Questions Every Business Owner Should Know How to Answer

January 19, 2021

It’s January, and for many businesses, that means fresh goals, fresh budgets, and fresh eyes on the horizon. And, for many businesses, despite these best-laid plans and intentions, it’s the start of a long year of “winging it.” I’m writing this article today to help you avoid that particular disaster. I’ve supported, invested, and led […]

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