Fed Cattle Exchange Acquired by Central Stockyards, LLC

July 28, 2020

OMAHA, Nebraska – The Fed Cattle Exchange, the only weekly fed cattle online auction for the cattle industry, has been acquired by Central Stockyards, LLC from 5150 Productions Company, LLC.

Since 2016 the Fed Cattle Exchange has provided the cattle industry with weekly, cost-effective cattle auctions that provide a platform for price discovery through competitive bidding. The prices determined in the weekly auctions benefit the entire cattle industry and livestock futures markets by providing a transparent baseline price for weekly negotiated live cattle markets.

“The Fed Cattle Exchange is a vital tool to the cattle industry because it provides transparent price discovery,” said Forrest Roberts, President and CEO of Central Stockyards, LLC. “Our vision is that we can make the Fed Cattle Exchange even more valuable to customers and the entire cattle industry by using technical innovations to adapt to immediate industry needs.”

“The Fed Cattle Exchange has been a personal and professional passion since 2015,” said Jordan Levi, Manager of 5150 Productions Company, LLC. “I am pleased the Fed Cattle Exchange is being acquired by a team with the technical resources and cattle industry experience needed to support and expand the Fed Cattle Exchange.”

“We look forward to servicing existing customers of the Fed Cattle Exchange and earning the business of new customers,” said Surcy Peoples, Director of Operations for Central Stockyards, LLC. “We are working hard to bring new marketing methods to the cattle industry that support the benefits of negotiated trade and reward value creation.”

The acquisition was effective as of July 24, 2020. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Central Stockyards, LLC

Central Stockyards, LLC is a livestock marketing service providing transparent and efficient online livestock sales to buyers and sellers throughout the United States. To learn more about Central Stockyards, visit www.centralstockyards.com.

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