Percipio Partners, LLC Announce Launch of Percipio Respiratory

February 21, 2024



OMAHA, NE – February 21, 2024  – Percipio Partners, LLC. is proud to announce the launch of Percipio Respiratory, a new beacon in the respiratory care landscape. With a growing portfolio of respiratory-focused businesses including Kubat Healthcare, Percipio Respiratory will be acquiring new locations throughout the Midwest that share in a strong commitment to respiratory services.

As part of the Percipio Partners portfolio, Percipio Respiratory brings robust operational and financial-driven strategic backing with a focus on expansion. By consolidating and streamlining the delivery of respiratory care services, patients will benefit from consistent and top-quality patient care across all branches.

Leading the charge is Brian Daniel, President, who brings 20 years of industry experience in the healthcare sector. Jim Rich, CEO of Percipio Partners, will work closely with Brian to spearhead this endeavor. The pair’s combined expertise and profound industry knowledge are key to Percipio Respiratory’s strategy to expand its footprint and influence in the Midwest region.

“This launch marks a significant milestone in our journey toward expanding respiratory care,” said Brian Daniel. “Our goal is to improve the lives of patients by providing integrated, high-quality care via investments in locations throughout the Midwest. The strength of our combined resources within the Percipio Partners network positions us uniquely to achieve this goal.”

The company aims to leverage its market position and industry relationships to drive growth and increase market share.

“Our approach is to foster strategic partnerships and expand our portfolio of services, thereby enhancing our market presence,” added Jim Rich. “We are committed to establishing Percipio Respiratory as a leader in the respiratory care sector, not just in terms of patient care, but also as a business model of success and sustainability.”

The company’s expansion plans include acquiring and integrating other respiratory care providers, investing in cutting-edge technology, and exploring new market opportunities. These initiatives are expected to strengthen Percipio Respiratory’s operational capabilities and enhance its competitiveness in the healthcare industry.

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