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April 17, 2024

At Percipio Partners, as Vice President of Asset Management, I’ve come to understand that the essence of multifamily real estate success transcends the mere physicality of buildings—it hinges on the happiness and satisfaction of our tenants. In today’s competitive environment, revolutionizing property management by emphasizing the resident experience is not just innovative; it’s imperative.

The Crucial Role of Resident Experience

In a market where tenant turnover can significantly impact profitability, focusing on resident satisfaction is more than just good business sense—it’s a strategic necessity. Happy tenants contribute to a stable, healthy bottom line by reducing the frequency of vacancies and the associated costs of attracting new residents. More importantly, properties that deliver an exceptional living experience gain a competitive edge, as satisfied residents are more inclined to renew their leases, thus ensuring steady revenue and streamlined operations.

Elevating Quality Living

Our strategy at Percipio Partners intertwines the upgrading of units with fostering a sense of community, ensuring our approach is comprehensive. Through proactive communication, we offer transparent and efficient channels for maintenance requests and rent payments, demonstrating respect and value for our tenants’ comfort and time. Recognizing the needs of today’s renters, we prioritize updated and energy efficient appliances, new flooring, modern appliances, and more, thereby not only meeting but exceeding expectations.

However, our commitment extends beyond the confines of the individual units. We prioritize community spaces, from pet-friendly areas that cater to our furry residents to social events that bring people together, we tap into the unique aspects of each property’s locale. Partnerships with local businesses further enhance this experience, offering residents exclusive benefits and strengthening community ties.

A Testament to Our Approach: The Warwick

The improvements made in the short timeframe since our acquisition of The Warwick in Norfolk, NE exemplifies our philosophy in action. The 72-unit complex underwent comprehensive updates including modernization of living rooms and kitchens with updated flooring, appliances, and countertops, as well as the reinvigoration of community spaces.

We added better lighting to our private parking lots, updated hallways and entries points, implemented free onsite laundry, and introduced a bark park and a community picnic area. The result? Consistent tenant renewals, fewer maintenance requests, and increased profits from rental rates, proving the efficacy of our approach.


At Percipio Partners, we believe that a multifaceted approach to property management—one that equally prioritizes physical upgrades, communication, and the cultivation of community—is key to redefining quality living experiences. Our dedication to this belief not only improves the day-to-day lives of our residents but also cements our reputation as a leader in the multifamily real estate sector. Through thoughtful innovation and a commitment to excellence, we ensure our properties are not just places to live but places where people experience a quality lifestyle.

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About Doug Anderson
Vice President of Asset Management
Omaha, NE
[email protected]

After a 15-year career in banking, Doug learned that success in business, regardless of industry, was based on relationships: relationships with clients and vendors built on trust, and relationships with colleagues based on respect. When combined, positive results are inevitable. With that formula at the forefront, Doug is honored to serve as Vice President of Asset Management, a role that allows him to focus on his passions in investment real estate and team leadership.

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